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3 Spring Art Lesson Ideas that Use Choice-Based Instructions & Mediums

I am for sure one of those people that gets Spring fever and that is why in this article I am going to dive on into Choice-Based Spring Art Lesson ideas that you can use in your amazing classroom! I am so excited about this because I have some super cute spring art activities that are ready to sprout for you!

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Spring Flowers Collage

The first spring art idea includes providing student the opportunity to research, either individually or as a class, some flowers that often grow or bloom in the spring. This could include Spring Bulbs!

Once they create either sketch notes, quick sketches, or a written list of flowers, they can then create a page of reference images of some of the flowers they like. To speed up the process or to make it easier for lower grades, you can provide a page of reference images of flowers for each student. Have them circle or color images or flowers they like to make their thinking visible.

Finally, talk with them about what collage is and introduce them to an assortment of art making mediums and materials. Show them ways they can use the mediums. Then explain that they will be using their own choice of mediums to create a collage of a spring flower!

purple flowers
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Spring Bulb Flower Sculptures

Similar to the first idea, you can research as a class different flowers that grow as a bulb and become blooming beauties in the spring. Have students make sketch notes or visual notes of the flowers as you introduce them to your class. Kids can both draw the flower and write its name on paper.

Next, provide a page with reference images of the flowers you introduced to your students to reinforce their leaning and to model steps of the creative process.

After, provide a range of art making mediums for students to create Paper Spring Flower Sculptures! Students can use papers, cardboard or other paper mediums to create a beautiful sculpture of a paper flower of their choosing.

You can also allow students to use any other art mediums to add color and variety to their artwork.

Spring Observational Drawings with Choice Mediums

Finally, allow students the opportunity to go out on a nature walk or into the school yard to look at what the world looks like in the spring.

You can make this as simple as you want from allowing students to choose any art medium and make sketches of 3 things they see, to making it a full Plein Air Painting lesson for older students.

Observational art making is important for all artists no matter how much or little experience one has. The changes that occur in the world as it transitions from Winter to Spring is a beautiful thing to observe and both you and your students will enjoy and benefit from the immersive natural experience and breath of fresh air.

More Spring Art Lesson Ideas

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