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St. Patrick’s Day is coming soon and I know you might be looking for some quick and easy ideas for your classroom. Better yet, I have made them ALL Choice-Based for you! I know that sometimes we are feeling overwhelmed teaching art and what to teach next so adding some more Choice-Based lessons will take of some of the stress while amplifying a lot of the engagement in your amazing classroom.

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Four-Leaf Clover Sculptures

I think a fun thing you could do with your students is provide them with an opportunity to create paper sculptures! You can collect a variety of papers, scrap papers, and card board and teach your students about different ways you can connect paper together.

You can add a layer of engagement my inviting the theme of St. Patrick’s Day into the lesson by having them create choice-based Four-Leaf clovers of their design!

This is a great way to bring sculpture into your classroom and let kids explore 3D art making processes, gravity, and making or designing.

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Lucky Charms Mixed Media Explorations

You can have students create a brainstorm for what they brings them luck or is lucky for them. If they are struggling with the idea, they can also create traditional “Lucky Charms” with this lesson.

Once they have an idea for that is a lucky charm for themself, you can introduce them to a range of art making mediums that they can explore. Show what they are and how they can be used or what they might look like. Create boundaries and model using the mediums.

Next, explain that they are to create a mixed media artwork of their Lucky Charm that uses at least 3 different art making mediums or materials. The rest… Is their choice! Their own idea, their design, and their creation. You have given a theme and have done a demonstration, but the rest is now in their hands and design.

Shamrock Immersive Experience

Finally, you can create an Immersive Experience for your students by projecting a field of shamrocks (either an image or video on YouTube) around your classroom like a Van Gogh immersive museum exhibit.

Simply find an image or video you like and put your projector into a corner or far wall and project the image on the entire room or space, all over everything.

When kids enter they will be excited, so let them be excited them bring down the energy by asking them to silently walk around and think of ideas for what they can draw or create for St. Patrick’s day, either a shamrock artwork OR a choice St. Patrick’s Day design. Once they have an idea, they can get a piece of paper and pencil and find a spot ANYWHERE in the room either on a table or on the floor, and they can sketch out the idea, silently, while you play peaceful music while the projection continues.

Either the same day or next class, you can meet with each child, look at the design, and they can turn it into an artwork either with choice mediums or they can choose from a selection of art mediums you’re providing.

More St. Patrick’s Day Art Lesson Ideas

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