draw a unicornUnicorns. Majestic, mythical creatures, fighting Narwhals. Let’s take a look at a quick and easy way to draw one of these fabulous creatures! This is the perfect art lesson to hook your kids onto art in your classroom. Unicorns, after all, are all the rage at the moment!

Step 1: Sketch the Unicorn body guidelines. These are lightly draw circles that are approximate proportions for your unicorn’s head, shoulder, and thigh.


Step 2: Add the nose and outline of the unicorn’s body. Lightly sketch so that your pencil is barely touching the paper.


Step 3: Draw the horn and ear. 


Step 4: Draw the unicorn’s front and back legs. 


Step 5: Draw your unicorn’s forelock, mane, and tail. Allow your lines to pop out into a point in a curved, expressive way to create the illusion that your unicorn is in movement.


Step 6: Draw in your unicorn’s eye and firm up the line for the nose. In your eye, leave white for where the light reflects off the gloss surface. Draw your unicorn’s jaw bone with a line that extends from the bottom of the nose.


Step 7: Add any choice details to your unicorn’s body. Firm up the lines you wish to keep with your pencil. Erase any guidelines. Add fur around the nose and draw in the hooves.


Step 8: Trace over your pencil lines in black marker.


Step 9: Color your unicorn’s body with white oil pastel.


Step 10: Color in the remaining details with your oil pastels.


Step 11: Using watercolor paints or tempera paint cakes, lightly paint in your background with your choice of colors. Let colors blend together and add a variety of colors from the rainbow. Let it dry and your unicorn is complete!


For fast finishers, hand out some Cats, Unicorns, and Robots Zen Doodle Coloring pages to keeps them engaged till all your students are done their unicorn art piece!


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Ms Artastic

Ms Artastic

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