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Merry Christmas to everyone who is an ARTASTIC Teacher! I wanted to thank you this Christmas by making a FREE Quick and Easy Art Lesson for those who would love to create art before the holidays are here. Engage your students with a Christmas Holly Art Project this holiday season! This {FREEBIE} includes both an instructional video that shows the creation and steps of making this art piece from start to finish, as well in its supporting documents includes the art piece poster example to show your students before they begin and a rubric. This is a great sample to try of my art videos! This art project has been created with oil pastel and paint.

Use the video to teach yourself, or use the FREE INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO IN MY TPT STORE to show your students how to create the art piece through its time-lapse features!

How to Create a Quick and Easy, Christmas Holly Art Piece with your Students:


Step 1: Lightly sketch out three berries on your page. In each berry, draw a star-shaped center and a curved rectangle for light glare. From the berries, draw three holly leaves. Holly leaves are made with curved lines. Leaves need an inner and outer part for two-tone coloring with the oil pastels later.


Step 2: Trace over all your pencil lines with black marker. Erase any of your pencil lines.


Step 3: Color your berries with red oil pastel.


Step 4: Color your holly leaves with green oil pastels. Color the inner part with a light green pastel, the outer with a darker green pastel. If you do not have two greens, add black to the outer green or white to the inner to change the tone to make it a two-tone leaf.


Step 5: Trace over all your lines with a black oil pastel and color the centers of the berries in black. This will make your holly pop off the page.


Step 6: Trace around the perimeter of your holly with a white pastel. This is tricky as you do not see it going on. Press firmly and carefully trace around your image, being careful not to touch the black outline. This will look fantastic when you paint!

As well, use you white oil pastel to place white dots among your background for snowflakes! These will appear with the paint.


Step 7: Start painting your background with a water-based paint such as watercolor paint or tempera paint cake/pucks. If you do not have this, water down acrylic or tempera paints (that’ll do the same!). Use choice colors to paint your background. Experiment, let the colors blend. Be creative!


Step 8: Continue until you can completed the image! Let it dry and your Christmas Holly Art Piece is DONE!

If you would like to see this {FREEBIE} as a video tutorial and get the FREE poster and rubric in my store, CLICK HERE.


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