Winter is fast approaching. It is time to get your winter art projects started with your students so they are done for bulletin boards when the snow starts falling and the wind blows all the branches into your yard. Or if you live in Vancouver, B.C., or Washington State… Get ready for all that rain.


But winter is coming and your kids know it. They’re super excited even for that one flake (and yes you should let them outside when that first flake falls because that will make you the coolest teacher ever). Let them start expressing their excitement with some winter art!

The Winter Birch Tree art project is broken down into small steps and has visual handouts for the kids to allow them to all go at their own pace and feel successful. I find that a lot of behavior comes out in a classroom when the work is not reachable for students. This is different from being challenged- students love a challenge and if they are reluctant to being challenge, I use the power of “YET!”. Daily growth mindset and discussing your own mistakes and things your not good at… YET are ways to get through to them.

Birch trees are pretty popular these days! They look extra beautiful on winter days. One project that is new to my TeachersPayTeachers store is my Winter Birch Tree Art Project. This is a great way to engage your Gr. 5 – 8 students as it nears closer to the Holidays.


However, if a project or assignment is too above their level, some students will act out or simply “give up”. So breaking down a project into small steps over many days takes away the anxiety for a lot of students and when they finish their piece, their outlook on art (or any subject) changes immensely- and then you have won! You now have their attention and they can trust you. Another step into the positive relationship circle.

Winter Birch Trees! They start off with pencil, and then students use black felt to outline the piece. This is a great way to ensure details don’t disappear into the background.IMG_6322

Next, students use oil pastels to fill in the trees and snow.


Last, students paint their background to complete their piece!


To see this art piece in broken down into 17 detailed steps with both a visual and text description, to have a two-page lesson plan, rubric, and step-by-step student handouts, and an 8.5 x 11 Poster Example for your students, head on over to my TpT store to purchase this Winter Art Lesson!

Have an amazing winter!


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