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5 Winter Art Lesson Ideas for Your Classroom Using Flexible, Choice Art Mediums

5 Winter Art Project or Lesson Ideas that you can simply and easily do in your classroom that use choice or flexible art mediums, perfect for Choice-Based Art Education and Learning. I have a bunch of easy-to-do and prep ideas that can use choice art mediums and can allow the students to really immerse themselves in some Winter vibes. So grab your Art Making Mediums (of your choice of course) and let’s get into these Winter Ready-Made, Simple and Engaging, Art Lesson Ideas for your Amazing art classroom. 

6 Christmas Art Ideas for Your Classroom

Coming up with ideas for what to do with your students before Christmas break can often be difficult, especially when you’re burn’t out and tired from both teaching and getting-ready-for-Christmas-life outside of work. Here are 6 Art Activity Ideas that you can do in your classroom to be prepared and done planning before your vacation days start.

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