The End of the Year has finally come and it is always a good idea to end it strong, purposeful, and meaningful in your art classroom. Here are my top 10 ideas for ending the year in your classroom.Reflective Art Projects 

 Read Aloud Art Stories with Drawing Responses

There are many picture books that are quick reads that kids from Kindergarten to Grade 12 will love. I love to do picture book read-alouds with students of all ages. The older kids may think they won’t like it, but they always do. I even invite them all to sit on the floor, or push tables and chairs to a side of the room and sit on the floor in a circle. While I read an art-themed book to them, I always have them draw. This is because drawing helps them think while they read and visualize, and it also helps them stay focused as it will help any of your kids who are movers, day dreamers, or fidgeters. So pick a book or a few to read during the last days or so when the kids are “checked-out” and have them get on the floor, lie on their bellies, and draw with their choice of medium on the floor.  These are some of my favorite books to read-aloud in an art  classroom:

Mindful Coloring or Drawing

Another activity you can do when you need a calm day in your art classroom is to have mindful coloring. Place a variety of mediums and materials on tables for the students to explore and use and place zen doodle coloring pages or blank paper (of a variety of sizes/shapes/colors). Turn on some zen music for the kids. You can find some for free on YouTube or Spotify. Let them color or draw to the music. You can have them write an inspirational quote onto their paper if you would like. You can also prompt them to discuss in their groups their favorite memories from the year.
End of the Year Coloring Pages, Zen Doodles 

End of Year Games

Play some games with your kids! You can try playing games that we all know and love and change elements to make them art themed! Like you can play Museum the drama game, but change it so they all have to be acting out art materials or artists in art history.

End of Year Activities
You can find lots of printable art activities online. Look on Pinterest for Art Classroom End of Year Activities, or look on Google for End of Year Printables for the Art Classroom. This will save you time on prep and planning. Simply Print and GO!
End of the Year Art Classroom Activities for ElementaryEnd of the Year Art Classroom ActivitiesEnd of Year Art Activity: Finish the Picture!

Collaborative Art Pieces

Have students create an art piece together! They can pick an image they want to create and then each student can create a section of the art piece to make one, large, collaborative art project. Let them explore their own choice of mediums and materials.

School Mural

Have student leave their legacy by creating an art piece, either on their own or with peers, for the school which will be installed before the end of the year. This is especially great for students in their last years at their school.

Wishes for the Next Year

Have students create an art piece that has both writing of their wishes for the next year (school year), as well as illustrations of their writings. They can do it list like, or can write it anywhere in anyway in an artistic style. It is art after all!

Visual Journal of This Years Adventures

Have students draw small illustrations of some of their favorite moments or adventures collage style all over a paper. Color it in their favorite mediums. They should be SHOWING what they LEARNED!

Hand Print Art

Last, have students place a hand print on the center of a paper and then, when dry, have them turn it into an art piece. This way they are documenting a moment in time in their period of “Growing Up” and also creating an art piece on their own. They can also draw memories or reflections around the hand print to document the year with illustrations.For more End of the Year Ideas…. Check them out by clicking the banner below.
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