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The BEST Books that Teach Art History to Kids

Explore the BEST books that teach about Art History to kids to use for art infused lessons in your classroom, to teach art history to your art students, or to use for creating an art history section in your home library. This comprehensive list explores famous artists and artworks throughout art history. It will provide you with ideas and inspiration for creating art lessons and projects that you can pair with this amazing books to help you teach art history in depth in your classroom.


Distance Learning Art Resources for your Students

Art instruction has become a challenge with the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. In this post, I will provide you with the Distance Learning Art Resources and Activities that I have created for you to use for instructing your students. From Distance Learning Art projects that can be used with any mediums or materials to my Full FREE Art Lessons on my YouTube Channel that I’ve created for you, my goal is to alleviate the stress of planning and creating for you and to provide your students with quality art ideas and at-home lessons.

How to Encourage ALL Your Students to Create Art (even those who don’t want to)

Inspire kids to make art through encouraging them, earning their trust, and building a relationship in your classroom! These are classroom management strategies for art teachers to help them reach all their learners (even those who are unwilling to make art or are challenging to teach). Learn how to draw out the artist in each of your students, inspire them, and be YOUR BEST teacher through reading this blog post! #artteacher #artteachingstrategies #firstyearartteacher #msartastic


Back To School Art Projects for your Classroom

Here are some art project tutorials that you can use in your classroom for Back to School success! They are all complete with the step-by-steps, student handouts, reflections, assessment, rubrics, and examples.

New Art Teacher Course: Get Focused and Plan for Success in your Art Classroom

I am so excited to introduce you to my course, the New Art Teacher Focused Course! This opportunity to mentor new art teachers has been a goal of mine and it is finally complete and available to you! This New Art Teacher Course teaches new art teachers strategies to help them GET FOCUSED and PLAN FOR SUCCESS in: Planning the Year, Classroom Management, Classroom Rules and Procedures, Classroom Community, … Read More New Art Teacher Course: Get Focused and Plan for Success in your Art Classroom

10 Art Teacher Tips for Back to School Success

Get Focused! The best thing you can do would be to have a lot of your beginning of the year activities and units prepped and ready to go before the first day of school. There is enough stress with back to school in general and you will need to spend a lot of time creating meaningful connections with your new students, so don’t add … Read More 10 Art Teacher Tips for Back to School Success


Back to School Guide for Art Teachers

I’m going to share with you how to efficiently set up your Back to School routines and systems to allow you to effectively teach rules and routines and create classroom community.


10 End of Year Ideas for the Art Classroom

The End of the Year has finally come and it is always a good idea to end it strong, purposeful, and meaningful in your art classroom. Here are my top 10 ideas for ending the year in your classroom.

How to Teach Growth Mindset in your Art Classroom

Teaching art to kids is a dream; a perfect job where you get to be creative and experiment while inspiring young minds to do the same. Watching kids giggle while they paint and get messy always brings joy. However, often there are students who act out, show unexpected behavior, or give up and refuse to work without having tried the project at all. When … Read More How to Teach Growth Mindset in your Art Classroom

Tips for Art Teachers

Once in a while we change our routines, and habits, or throw away the old as they say. When this happens we wrap our heads around coming up with new strategies to effectively organize, and run our classrooms. I have tried many of the common routines you are normally taught in university, such as call and respond or classroom jobs. However, I have found … Read More Tips for Art Teachers

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