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My Name is Kathleen McGiveron and I am Ms Artastic. My WHY is to provide art teachers and teachers with Art Resources, Ideas, tips, and insights to allow them to save time and be THEIR best teacher! I want to create a community through Artastic Nation where we are all inspiring, creating, and learning together. Join Artastic Nations and get ideas so you can get unique and creative art projects, resources, and tutorials for your classroom! I provide art resources for art teachers that are easy and ready-to use for hands-on learning. My art tutorials and resources allow you to plan quickly, encourage creativity, and to teach confidently to your Elementary or Middle School students.

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FREE Art Teacher Webinar & Art Lessons: Pastel Extravaganza 2021

It’s time to Make some Art with this FREE Virtual Webinar experience! Art Teachers, get ready because I’m hosting a limited viewing workshop called the Art Teachers Making Art: Pastel Extravaganza this August 2021! It is a completely free Professional Development workshop where I’ll teach you how to make 2 art lessons exclusive to the virtual webinar for FREE! You will only get to view them for a limited time and that 2 week time frame starts NOW August 3rd so let’s make some art! 

10 Back to School Art Projects and Activities for Kids for your Art Classroom

Art Teachers, in this episode I’m going to give you 10 fresh and new art projects, activities, and ideas for Back to School in your Art Classroom! These are all ready-to-go ideas that you can use in your classroom that have a lovely Back-to-School vibe and will have your students in your art classroom exploring art mediums, experimenting, and being creative! I got you my lovely friends! Alright, let’s get into it! 

Artastic Collective ENROLLMENT is OPENING SOON for Art Teachers: Art Teacher Curriculum & Membership

If you’re an Art Teacher looking for a complete Art Curriculum full of engaging Art Lessons for your classroom, then you need to check out the Artastic Collective, the premium membership for Art Teachers that is going to help you level-up your Art Teaching game. First Year art teacher? New to teaching? Established teacher? No matter where you are in your art teacher journey, there is something for everyone in the Artastic Collective Art Teacher Membership. From bundles of Art Lessons being released every month in Artists & Art History, Elements & Principles, and Themes, to sketchbook programs, ceramics lessons, an Exclusive Year-Long Art Teacher Growth Course, Exclusive Art Teacher monthly Challenges, an Exclusive Community Forum, and an Exclusive Directed Drawing series for your when-you’re-done needs, get this membership.

Back to School Art Projects, Ideas & Guide for Engaging Art Lessons

It is Back to School Art Lesson Planning season and I am so excited to share my ULTIMATE Back to School Art Project Ideas & Guide for Engaging Art Lessons for kids from Kindergarten to Middle School with you! These are some HOT new Art Lessons that explore Artists & Art History and a variety of Themes that you can use to help plan your YEAR! There are over 650 Art Resources in the Ms Artastic TpT store now and they will help you facilitate art instruction in your classroom.

100 Cartoons for Kids Drawing Course for at Home or in Your Classroom!

This is the Official Launch of the 100 Cartoons for Kids course where I’m going to teach 100 exclusive and premium Cartoons for Kids! Let your kids learn how to draw at home or in your classroom with 100 Cartoon Drawing Video Tutorials designed by Ms Artastic. Get the Ms Artastic experience without any ads or YouTube! Register for the course that is priced at $1.00 per lesson, and AMAZING deal and offer because I want to make sure that kids have the opportunity to explore and make art! Grab your art making mediums and let’s make some art! 

5 Pop Art Lessons for Kids

One of my favorite art movements is Pop Art and I love it! I love the artists, I love what came out of it! As well, I think teaching art lessons that are inspired by the Pop Art Movement is a great way to engage the learners in your classroom. Kids really connect with Pop Art and it can be an invitation for them to bring their ideas and the things they like in Pop Culture to your classroom. It can allow more student choice and student-centered learning. Let’s look at 5 Pop Art Lesson ideas for Kids in your classroom!

5 Summer Art Lesson Ideas for Kids

In this blog post I’m going to give you 5 fresh and new ideas for Summer Art Ideas! These are all ready-to-go ideas that you can use in your classroom that have a lovely summer vibe and will have your students in your art classroom exploring art mediums, experimenting, and being creative! I got you my lovely friends! Alright, let’s get into it!

YouTube For Art Lesson Ideas, New Art Techniques, and Drawing Tutorials in your Art Classroom

In this Blog Post I am going to talk about how you can bring YouTube into your classroom and how-to use it to teach new art making skills and techniques to your students, whether you’re in class teaching, remote learning, or if students are in class and need new skills or processes to learn and explore. Or maybe you want to visit a gallery but don’t have the budget… Or maybe you want to have a fun drawing tutorial to use in those odd 10 minutes left in class when a lesson ended early, or to allow as a when you’re done for your fast finishers… Let’s look at some cool ideas for using YouTube in your Art Classroom this school year. #youtube #msartastic

Ted Harrison Art Lesson Ideas for Kids

I’m going talk about who artist Ted Harrison is and I’ll give you some ideas for Ted Harrison Art Lessons that you can do with your students. Let’s learn about amazing Artist, Ted Harrison, and ideas for art lessons that you can teach that are inspired by his style of making art. Let’s get into it!

5 End of Year Art Lesson Ideas for Kids

In this article I’m going to give you some fresh and new ideas for teaching art at the End of the Year and yes, this shall include End of Year Art Lesson Ideas! So read on to discover 5 End of Year Art Lesson Ideas that you can use in your classroom, whether you teach in a general classroom or an art classroom! Let’s make some art!

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