Well, today we’re going to get real and address some of the issues that art teachers face. It is the reality of the job… the part that wears you down, makes you exhausted. Creates that feeling of overwhelm. Stress. Oh yeah.

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It is the “woah… I have so much to do”.

You sit down at your desk. There may be piles. There may be lessons not planned. There may be piles of marking to do… things to order… emails to respond to.

This is called the “too big for the to-do list” problem.

It’s when you go to write down all the things onto a piece of paper but suddenly you run out of space.

Or maybe you like to jot down a few things to-do on a post-it note but suddenly you realise you need more post-it notes.

Or maybe you’re the person who likes to have a post-it note for every task so you can scrunch up that post-it note as soon as your done that task to feel a little weight disappear but the entire wall behind your desk is covered and you’re feeling more overwhelmed than organized.

You might have this problem too…


And mostly, you can only tackle this list when you’re not actually teaching.

It’s one of the difficult parts of being a teacher. And you usually don’t realise this problem when you’re at school learning to be a teacher. But wow does it ever hit you in the face as soon as you get your own classroom.

There are a lot of tasks put on our plates and after all that teaching, lesson planning, art idea searching, inspiring, working to build relationships, Pro-D taking, assessment… we still have to grade, mark, create art shows, maybe run a classroom blog or Instagram feed, find ideas for art lessons, incorporate artists and art historical movements into our programs, teach a range of mediums and materials, have kids explore the creative process, engage them, connect with parents, order supplies, photocopy…

Oh yah.

Every. Single. Day.

No wonder teachers feel exhausted and burnt out at time.

Of course, the teacher to-do list only gets bigger, especially now that technology has made its complete breakthrough into the classroom.

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Thank you for reading my blog post! I am grateful that you did and I appreciate you having took the time to read to the end. Thank you so much. Please write any questions you have in the comments section of this post.

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Yours Truly,
Kathleen McGiveron (Ms Artastic)

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