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1Summer is finally here and I have been so inspired to create new art projects for both End of the Year and the Summer. In fact, I have created 8 new art resources for the summer! I love summer… The transition from winter to spring to summer is refreshing here in British Columbia; we go from darkness (for a lot of the day) and rain every day for 8 months to hot sun and long days. It feels like a fast transition. All the leaves and flowers are opening and the animals are back…and for me in my backyard, it is abundant: deers, bears, ducks of a wide variety, eagles, swallows, woodpeckers… I love it. I try not to leave my house. Which is why working online as a second job is perfect.

Summer inspiration has led me to create this great art tutorial for you guys to use for free! It is inspired by the ocean and the birds that circle around the waving, crashing rocks. The short version of the tutorial is below, and you can download the full version of this tutorial with all the handouts for FREE by clicking here.

  1. Sketch out your waves. Trace over the waves with a white oil pastel or wax crayon to create a resist stripe on your waves.

IMG_02832. Add dots of white glue around your waves in the pattern below or in the full version handout, or create your own patterns for glue dots. 

3. After the glue dries, draw rocks above your waves and trace over them with your pastel or crayon. Draw two ocean birds and color them with oil pastel or wax crayon (I prefer pastel to be honest, it repels better).IMG_0290

4. Paint the rocks with brown or gray watercolor paint. You will now be able to see the resist effects!


5. Paint your sky and water with blue and even with a hint of green or purple paint. Let it dry. ARTASTIC TIP: sprinkle salt onto your work and let it dry for a cool drying effect. Rub the salt off when it has fully dried. Oh yeah, ocean awesome.

You’re art piece is now done! Cut it out from the template (also included in the free, downloadable full version) and definitely pop it in a white frame (Walmart? Dollar Store? Definitely a Dollar Store…Why spend more when you can spend less?).

So… Download the FREE FULL VERSION which includes a step-by-step extended tutorial to show your students, or to do yourself, get the rubric, the lesson plan, the step-by-step printable handout, the square template… all of it. Yours. For free.


Don’t forget to pin this tutorial to share it with your friends and save it for later!

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