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How to Get FREE Teacher Shirts and Accessories to wear to your Classroom!

I believe in providing the opportunity for earning some awesome teacher swag without buying the shirt yourself. Here are some ways to get teacher shirts and gear for free from Ms Artastic’s Collection of Teacher Shirts and Accessories.

The Dot: Free Dot Day Activity for Your Classroom

This is a wonderful lesson not only to do for “Dot Day”, but you can do it as a Back to School Activity and Growth Mindset activity as well. It is also a great activity if you are teaching a “Transform” lesson with Adrienne Gear’s Reading Power series. This is a fun activity that transforms a bulletin board quickly.

All About Ms Artastic

My name is Kathleen and I am Ms Artastic. I am a teacher in Canada and I strongly believe in allowing students the opportunity to be creative, explore and experiment, and make mistakes. I also have two cats who are named Russel and Audrey. As Ms Artastic, I design art resources, projects, and curriculum for teachers from kindergarten to grade twelve.

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