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The BEST Free Art Worksheets, Lessons, and Ideas for Kids

I love creating art with kids! In this post you can find FREE Art lessons for kids and you can download 8 FREE Art Worksheets and Templates to use with kids experimenting with art making at home or in your classroom. Let kids explore art making and learn to shade 3D objects, value scales, make color wheels, and more! Find free worksheets and other ideas and art lessons for making art at home or in the classroom.


How to Create a Pink Shirt Day Art Project

Need a quick lesson for Pink Shirt Day in your classroom? Learn how to create a Pink Shirt Day poster or art piece with a free pink shirt download! Before you continue to read, be sure to grab your Free Pink Shirt Day Printable and print off enough copies for your students. This download will contain the printable and a poster example to show … Read More How to Create a Pink Shirt Day Art Project


Ceramics! Zen Doodle Pinch Pot Art Project for your Classroom.

Play with clay in your art classroom! This is the perfect, free ceramic art lesson that you need to kick start your curriculum. Students will explore the Element of Art: Line, subtractive sculpture technique, and texture through creating Zen Doodle Pinch Pots. Pinch pots are a traditional vessel in ceramic history and is a way to create a strong, durable drinking cup or bowl using your hands and a pinching method to form clay.

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