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I am so excited to introduce you to my course, the New Art Teacher Focused Course! This opportunity to mentor new art teachers has been a goal of mine and it is finally complete and available to you! This New Art Teacher Course teaches new art teachers strategies to help them GET FOCUSED and PLAN FOR SUCCESS in: Planning the Year, Classroom Management, Classroom Rules and Procedures, Classroom Community, Creating a Classroom, Back to School, Assessment, and Participation Techniques. This course will help you enter the year with a plan and will allow you to have a focused vision for your classroom to allow you to efficiently manage it through the year.


This course provides theory and content, CHALLENGES throughout the course to help you begin planning and creating lessons for the year, and PRINTABLES for you to use immediately for yourself, for assessment, or in the classroom with your students. There is even a bingo challenge with prizes, posters for your room, and access to an exclusive Facebook Group for course members only.

With the Purchase of this Course, You will Receive:

What is included in this Course?

Lesson 1: Who are You? What is Your Purpose?

To help you define who you are as a teacher and help you focus your intent and purpose and to show you how to make it clear and transparent in your classroom.

Lesson 2: Create your Classroom

To help you design and set up your classroom and to transform it into a “themed” art class and to provide you with insight on how to track down resources. Helps you focus on a theme, get color inspiration, and create a vision board!

Lesson 3: Plan your Year

To help you plan for success in the year. Gives you insight of what to focus on and how to focus your intentions. Gives guidelines on how to plan a year and provides a year long plan, unit plan, and a lesson plan.

Lesson 4: Back to School

To help you with preparing for Back to School by offering ideas of what and how to plan for the first day, first week, and beyond. Teaches ideas of how to prep for the year. Provides an activity to do with your kids during BTS.

Lesson 5: Classroom Rules & Procedures.

To help you will understanding what classroom rules and procedures to teach and implement in your classroom. Teaches you how to implement them at both the Middle School/High School Level and at the Elementary level. Helps you focus your attention on what rules and procedures you want to include in your classroom. Teaches you how to implement them in a fun and engaging way.

Lesson 6: Assessment

To help you understand the different forms of assessment. Provides you with templates for a Grade Book, Student Observations, Art Rubric, Art Reflection, and Artist Statements.

Lesson 7: Classroom Community

To help you understand how to create classroom community and to provide you with ideas how to implement them. Provides you with printable community building activities that you can use in your classroom.

Lesson 8: Creating Art Lessons

Teaching you how to design art lessons in your art classroom that targets both student interests and curricular content.

Lesson 9: Classroom Management.

Teaching you strategies to use in your classroom to allow you to effectively manage your classroom during the year. Provides ideas of what policies you need to create. Teaches about Growth Mindset in the Art Classroom and Mindfulness in the Art Classroom.

Lesson 10: Total Participation Techniques

Teaches you 3 participation techniques that you can use in any lesson to get all students actively thinking and responding.

Access to the New Art Teachers Focus Facebook Group to allow you to ask questions at any time and to allow you to collaborate with others taking the course as well as to talk with Ms Artastic.

As well…
-New Teacher Focused Bingo– Get a Blackout, get a PRIZE!
Lots of CHALLENGES along the way to encourage you to begin to plan and create resources to use in the year.
-Printables to post in your room to display your intention, goals, and purpose for teaching
-Printables to show what learning targets you’re focusing on
-Printables to help you design your classroom
-Printables in different lessons that you can use NOW in your classroom to help you be prepared for the year
-Printables to use with your students during Back to School!
-”Welcome to Art Class” Poster for your classroom
-3 Artist Quotes Posters to use to Decorate your Classroom

What are you waiting for? Don’t delay another minute! It’s time to get focused, work with a plan, and become the best teacher that you can be! This course will help you enter the year with a plan and will allow you to have a focused vision for your classroom to allow you to efficiently manage it through the year. Enroll now!