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5 Art Sub Tub Tips for Planning for a Sub in your Art Classroom

Okay so let’s dive on into 5 Art Sub Tub Tips that you can simply and easily do. Honestly, as a teacher, I learned in the later half of my years that having your Sub Tub permanently prepped went a long way. I never ever worried about being away or being sick. I even honed it further when COVID showed up and people had to go into isolation in a moment’s notice. I was always ready and if I had to take a sick day, I just put it in and stayed home and never ever worried about it because my tub was always prepped. 

5 Art on A Cart Tips & Ideas for Teaching Art on a Mobile Cart

Okay so let’s dive on into 5 Art on a Cart Tips that you can simply and easily do. I taught Art on a Cart for a couple years and while it was a challenge, I learned a lot. Keep it simple and pick a limited amount of mediums that can be used with endless possibilities and start pushing that art cart!  

Back to School Art Projects, Ideas & Guide for Engaging Art Lessons

It is Back to School Art Lesson Planning season and I am so excited to share my ULTIMATE Back to School Art Project Ideas & Guide for Engaging Art Lessons for kids from Kindergarten to Middle School with you! These are some HOT new Art Lessons that explore Artists & Art History and a variety of Themes that you can use to help plan your YEAR! There are over 650 Art Resources in the Ms Artastic TpT store now and they will help you facilitate art instruction in your classroom.

Distance Learning Art Resources for your Students

Art instruction has become a challenge with the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. In this post, I will provide you with the Distance Learning Art Resources and Activities that I have created for you to use for instructing your students. From Distance Learning Art projects that can be used with any mediums or materials to my Full FREE Art Lessons on my YouTube Channel that I’ve created for you, my goal is to alleviate the stress of planning and creating for you and to provide your students with quality art ideas and at-home lessons.

Ceramics! Zen Doodle Pinch Pot Art Project for your Classroom.

Play with clay in your art classroom! This is the perfect, free ceramic art lesson that you need to kick start your curriculum. Students will explore the Element of Art: Line, subtractive sculpture technique, and texture through creating Zen Doodle Pinch Pots. Pinch pots are a traditional vessel in ceramic history and is a way to create a strong, durable drinking cup or bowl using your hands and a pinching method to form clay.

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