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Valentines Day Art Project Tutorial for Kids: Valentines Puppy

Teaching Art to Kids leading up to Valentine’s Day can be fun! Here is an art project tutorial that teaches elementary students how to create a Valentine’s puppy using oil pastels and paint. Teach how to use a variety of art mediums with this quick and easy art activity that will have kids making a fun illustration. Perfect teaching resource for grade 4 and grade 5 students.


New Year 2020 Zen Doodle Art Project Tutorial

Start the new decade off with an artastic art project in your classroom! Have your students create New Year 2020 Zen Doodle Art Projects. Not only will this get your students engaged in the first days back in class (which no one will be excited for), but it will also get them exploring both marker, paint, and the Element of Art: Line and the Principle of Design: Emphasis. Let’s get started!


FREE Winter Evergreen Art Project

Learn how to create this Winter Art Project in your classroom for FREE with the FREE Downloadable PDF that includes all the tools and steps that you need to not only teach the lesson, but display it too. Students will use paint, paper, and pastel to create this FREE Winter Evergreen Art Project.

6 Christmas Art Ideas for Your Classroom

Coming up with ideas for what to do with your students before Christmas break can often be difficult, especially when you’re burn’t out and tired from both teaching and getting-ready-for-Christmas-life outside of work. Here are 6 Art Activity Ideas that you can do in your classroom to be prepared and done planning before your vacation days start.


Thankful, a Thanksgiving Art Project for Kids to do in your Classroom

Thanksgiving is a great time to create some Autumn themed work that reflects our thankfulness for things that we appreciate in our lives and the harvest that has been collected from the summer. This Thanksgiving, get out a piece of paper or your sketchbook and get ready to create some Thanksgiving art either in your home or in the classroom.


Vampire Art Project Tutorial

Create a Vampire art piece with your students this Halloween! Explore oil resist painting and create a fun design when things get spooky! Perfect activity to do in the days leading up to Halloween or to leave with a sub.


Halloween Art Project, FREE Tutorial Download

This Halloween Line Art Project is a great art project to do with kids as it teaches them mixed media processes and the Element of Art: Line.


Autumn Pumpkin Art Project Tutorial

This autumn pumpkin art project is a perfect project to teach your students to blend oil pastel and how to layer mediums. This art project uses both oil pastels and watercolor paints. Perfect to teach to your students or print this page and leave it for a sub.


Autumn Leaves Line Art Tutorial & FREE DOWNLOAD

I love when the leaves change and they begin to change into those warm, beautiful colors. This is a great opportunity to teach your students about both Autumn and the Element of Art: Line using this FREE Art Tutorial. Click here or scroll to the bottom of the page to download the printable tutorial; great to use yourself or leave for a sub!


The Dot: Free Dot Day Activity for Your Classroom

This is a wonderful lesson not only to do for “Dot Day”, but you can do it as a Back to School Activity and Growth Mindset activity as well. It is also a great activity if you are teaching a “Transform” lesson with Adrienne Gear’s Reading Power series. This is a fun activity that transforms a bulletin board quickly.


Back To School Art Projects for your Classroom

Here are some art project tutorials that you can use in your classroom for Back to School success! They are all complete with the step-by-steps, student handouts, reflections, assessment, rubrics, and examples.


FREE Ocean Art Tutorial for Kids

Summer is finally here and I have been so inspired to create new art projects for both End of the Year and the Summer. In fact, I have created 8 new art resources for the summer! I love summer… The transition from winter to spring to summer is refreshing here in British Columbia; we go from darkness (for a lot of the day) and … Read More FREE Ocean Art Tutorial for Kids

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