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How to Draw a Monster, Element of Art: Value Art Lesson for Kids

Explore the Element of Art: Value with your favorite art mediums, such as felt markers and crayons, with this Monster Art Lesson Drawing Tutorial. This is an easy to-do, hands on activity that kids can do at home or in the classroom to help them learn and understand the element of art: value. Let’s make art!

The BEST Free Art Worksheets, Lessons, and Ideas for Kids

I love creating art with kids! In this post you can find FREE Art lessons for kids and you can download 8 FREE Art Worksheets and Templates to use with kids experimenting with art making at home or in your classroom. Let kids explore art making and learn to shade 3D objects, value scales, make color wheels, and more! Find free worksheets and other ideas and art lessons for making art at home or in the classroom.

Exploring the Elements of Art with Kids at Home

Explore creating art focused on the Elements of Art in an At Home Learning setting, perfect for Homeschooling or Distance Learning. This blog post has art projects and lessons for experimenting with Line, Value, Mixing Colors, and Texture with unexpected art mediums you already have in your home (that you just didn’t realize you have).

The Ultimate List of Distance Learning Art Projects and Resources for Kids

Even in a crisis or emergency, students deserve the BEST art education, whether they are able to access their classroom or not. These art resources have been selected for this list because they can either be used as take-home art resources, accessed online for e-learning, or can be used with any choice of mediums or materials. These Art Resource creators and educators are here to provide you with assistance during this crisis. All the quality and easy to implement art resources that you need to be able to support your students through this new thing called Distance Learning.

St. Patrick’s Day Art Ideas for Kids

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in your classroom with art projects, ideas, and activities for kids. These cute art projects for kids are suitable for teaching a range of art techniques and skills and can be done as either an artwork or craft. Read this post to find art ideas for kids, directed drawings, coloring pages, and St. Patrick’s Day teacher shirts to make your St. Patty’s Day celebration complete.

5 Ideas for Valentine’s Day Art Activities in your Clasroom

Have fun creating one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day Art Pieces with kids this February. These 5 art ideas will allow your kids to get their hands-on art mediums that are easy to use and quick to clean. This illustrations and how-to drawing tutorials are the perfect solution for your at home art night needs or for creating in your classroom with your students. Whatever you need, these tutorials and art ideas are bound to get you and your kids or students creating amazing Valentine’s Day Artworks that will capture an audience! #valentinesdayart #valentinesdayartprojects #valentinesdaydiy

Valentines Day Art Project Tutorial for Kids: Valentines Puppy

Teaching Art to Kids leading up to Valentine’s Day can be fun! Here is an art project tutorial that teaches elementary students how to create a Valentine’s puppy using oil pastels and paint. Teach how to use a variety of art mediums with this quick and easy art activity that will have kids making a fun illustration. Perfect teaching resource for grade 4 and grade 5 students.

New Year 2020 Zen Doodle Art Project Tutorial

Start the new decade off with an artastic art project in your classroom! Have your students create New Year 2020 Zen Doodle Art Projects. Not only will this get your students engaged in the first days back in class (which no one will be excited for), but it will also get them exploring both marker, paint, and the Element of Art: Line and the Principle of Design: Emphasis. Let’s get started!

6 Christmas Art Ideas for Your Classroom

Coming up with ideas for what to do with your students before Christmas break can often be difficult, especially when you’re burn’t out and tired from both teaching and getting-ready-for-Christmas-life outside of work. Here are 6 Art Activity Ideas that you can do in your classroom to be prepared and done planning before your vacation days start.

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