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5 Halloween Art Ideas for Your Classroom Using Flexible, Choice Art Mediums

jack o lantern covered in spider web

Okay so let’s dive on into 5 Halloween Art Project or Lesson Ideas that you can simply and easily do in your classroom that use choice or flexible art mediums. I have a bunch of easy-to-do and prep ideas that can use choice art mediums and can allow the students to really immerse themselves in some Halloween vibes. So grab your Spooky, Scary Skeletons and let’s get into these Halloween Ready-Made, Simple and Engaging, Art Lesson Ideas for your Amazing art classroom.

variety of pumpkins

5 Autumn Art Lesson Ideas for Your Classroom with Flexible Mediums

Okay so let’s dive on into 5 Autumn Art Ideas that you can simply and easily do in your classroom. I have a bunch of easy-to-do and prep ideas that can use choice art mediums and can allow the students to really immerse themselves in some autumn vibes. So grab your plaid jacket, toque, and scarf and let’s get into these Autumn Ready-Made, Simple and Engaging, Art Lesson Ideas for your Amazing art classroom. 

3 Dot Day Art Projects, Ideas, and Activities for Your Classroom!

Dot Day is coming and I’m here to show you 3 Dot Day Art Projects, Ideas, and Activities that you can use in your Classroom with you students to pair with the book “The Dot” by Peter. H. Reynolds! Lesson ideas to use with Primary, Elementary, & Middle School! Use them in a general classroom or Art Classroom. Grab art making mediums & let’s make some Dot Day Art!

Making Art with Kids – Art Curriculum for Teachers, Homeschool, or Art Studio Instructors

My friends, I have a BRAND NEW COURSE and it is for ANYONE who is teaching art to kids. It is a course designed for anyone who needs art lessons whether you’re a general teacher, homeschool parent or mom, or an art instructor, this course brings you 30 exclusive art lessons that are fully planned and include video art tutorials using easy-to-access Art Mediums! I’m going to teach you 30 art lessons that will help you level-up your art instruction in an ready-to-use, hands-on way! Get creative and build your confidence with the course that will teach YOU how to make and instruct art with engaging art lessons kids will love OR simply hit PLAY on the video and I’ll teach for you! As well, keep listening because I’m going to tell you how to get the FREE Art Lesson sampler! FULL ART LESSON! EVERYTHING INCLUDED! Let’s get into it! 

5 Frida Kahlo Art Project & Lesson Ideas for Kids for your Classroom

It’s already FALL. Well, I’ll be honest, I have my pumpkins out already… but I grow them myself. I LOVE growing pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. It is a 6 month adventure as I start my Atlantic Giants indoors in the spring… then after months of TLC I get a giant pumpkin or 2! They’re so beautiful. Also, Halloween is my Christmas. If you’re someone who wants to start getting ready for Christmas in November… well, that is how I feel about Halloween. I LOVE IT. But I also love Autumn too so let’s get inspired by some lovely autumn artworks that you can do with your kids in your classroom or at home.

The Artastic Collective, Art Curriculum for Art Teachers is Now OPEN for Enrollment for a Limited Time!

The Artastic Collective Curriculum for Art Teachers is now open for Enrollment for a limited time! Consider your year planned with this thorough art curriculum that covers Artists and Art History, Elements and Principles, Themes, Holidays and Seasons, Sketchbooks, and more!

FREE Art Teacher Webinar & Art Lessons: Pastel Extravaganza 2021

It’s time to Make some Art with this FREE Virtual Webinar experience! Art Teachers, get ready because I’m hosting a limited viewing workshop called the Art Teachers Making Art: Pastel Extravaganza this August 2021! It is a completely free Professional Development workshop where I’ll teach you how to make 2 art lessons exclusive to the virtual webinar for FREE! You will only get to view them for a limited time and that 2 week time frame starts NOW August 3rd so let’s make some art! 

10 Back to School Art Projects and Activities for Kids for your Art Classroom

Art Teachers, in this episode I’m going to give you 10 fresh and new art projects, activities, and ideas for Back to School in your Art Classroom! These are all ready-to-go ideas that you can use in your classroom that have a lovely Back-to-School vibe and will have your students in your art classroom exploring art mediums, experimenting, and being creative! I got you my lovely friends! Alright, let’s get into it! 

Artastic Collective ENROLLMENT is OPENING SOON for Art Teachers: Art Teacher Curriculum & Membership

If you’re an Art Teacher looking for a complete Art Curriculum full of engaging Art Lessons for your classroom, then you need to check out the Artastic Collective, the premium membership for Art Teachers that is going to help you level-up your Art Teaching game. First Year art teacher? New to teaching? Established teacher? No matter where you are in your art teacher journey, there is something for everyone in the Artastic Collective Art Teacher Membership. From bundles of Art Lessons being released every month in Artists & Art History, Elements & Principles, and Themes, to sketchbook programs, ceramics lessons, an Exclusive Year-Long Art Teacher Growth Course, Exclusive Art Teacher monthly Challenges, an Exclusive Community Forum, and an Exclusive Directed Drawing series for your when-you’re-done needs, get this membership.

Back to School Art Projects, Ideas & Guide for Engaging Art Lessons

It is Back to School Art Lesson Planning season and I am so excited to share my ULTIMATE Back to School Art Project Ideas & Guide for Engaging Art Lessons for kids from Kindergarten to Middle School with you! These are some HOT new Art Lessons that explore Artists & Art History and a variety of Themes that you can use to help plan your YEAR! There are over 650 Art Resources in the Ms Artastic TpT store now and they will help you facilitate art instruction in your classroom.

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