Be a Guest Author

Want to write a post for my blog? Want to re-post something you’ve written on your blog onto my blog and have me link to your blog so that we can share some love?

Email me a link to your post or send me your content!

If you are sending me content, some things you need to consider before sending:
1) This is a blog that helps and provides VALUE to Art Teachers. Your content should support art teachers or give them ideas.
2) I look for quality written content that is written well (including grammar).
3) Images should be included in your post!
4) You are aloud to link to your products or website, but your blog post should not be a sales pitch. The focus should always be on providing resources or content for art teachers.

If it is an original blog post… (if you don’t have your own blog and just want to help other teachers), email me your writing and paste it into the body of the email. Please attach your images. I will format for you and create any graphics.

If this is a re-post of a post from your blog… email me the link to your blog post so that I may review it. Next, I will email you back asking for you to paste the HTML into the body of the email so that I may put it into my blog post the way you wanted it to be formatted. As well, I will link it back to your own blog.

Email me at to pitch your blog post as a Guest Author!