Art Projects for the Classroom

5 Ideas for Valentine's Day Art Activities in your Clasroom

Have fun creating one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day Art Pieces with kids this February. These 5 art ideas will allow your kids to get their hands-on art mediums that are easy to use and quick to clean. This illustrations and how-to drawing tutorials are the perfect solution for your at home art night needs or for creating in your classroom with your students. Whatever you need, these tutorials and art ideas are bound to get you and your kids or students creating amazing Valentine’s Day Artworks that will capture an audience! #valentinesdayart #valentinesdayartprojects #valentinesdaydiy

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10 Reasons Why Arts Integration in Schools is Important

Arts integration in schools are important as they provide students with a complete education. Visual Arts teach visual communication, fine motor skills, culture, how to persevere, how to problem solve, how to think critically, and how to face challenges. All these skills can be learned through the arts, then applied to other academics, and later, a child’s career. Here are my 10 Reasons on why arts integration in schools is important. #artseducation #artintegration #artteacher

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